Action Planning

The Indiana Communities Institute (ICI) at Ball State University, in partnership with Creative Insight Community Development (CICD), will help local communities work together to realize positive change through the Community-Based Action Planning (CBAP) process. The facilitators from both organizations have more than 150 years of community development experience.

CBAP is a participant-oriented, “learn by doing” experience rooted in social science research and built on practical experience. It is based on the principles of co-creation. Succinctly described, co-creation is a democratic method for managing risk and motivating action in support of building stronger, more sustainable places.

The process encourages communities, through inclusive and ongoing engagement, to identify challenges and opportunities and outline a realistic plan to overcome or pursue them.

CBAP is approachable, relying on community action with widespread responsibilities and multiple leaders to achieve success. It values bold visions, but prioritizes incremental and continuing efforts aimed at building a foundation for future success one step at a time.

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